Lorraine Tuck

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We are all connected

None of us live in isolation we are all connected to someone else

Some of the connections are strong,  black lines over short distances that bind us to loved ones and family.  Some connections are delicate threads that can be barely seen but link us to someone we barely know, the person who sits opposite us on the train each day who nods a recognition.  What about the woman who does the same job as us in another place?  The man who listens to the same music, the child who reads the books we read when we were small.

How would it be if a piece of art that sat on our wall held a thread between the artist, and ourselves and the next person who collected a piece by that artist? The piece connected by a line to our painting.  Our ownership became part of the art.

We might know where the painting came from, look at photos of the studio, read reviews of the painter, but we could only imagine where the painting led on to, where does the buyer of the next piece live?  In a cool white walled house opposite the beach in Australia, in a stone walled cottage on a Cornish hill top?  Who is that person?  They share our taste in Art and are intrigued by connection this much we know, but our painting has now become a chrysalis for our own imagination,  a small piece in a conceptual art jigsaw.  How far could the line of connection reach?   

Why Connections

Living in a foreign country, living in different homes, in different places has intensified a personal search for  connection, a longing for home, with all it’s connotations of belonging, warmth, security, and family glue.

I like to look in the warmly lit windows of houses just at dusk before the curtains are drawn or the shutters pulled to, imagining the lives within. 

A house on a hill on its own, who lives there? Are they happy?  If I stopped and spoke to them could I find a connection with them?


The paintings are an investigation into connection for the artist, they are made up of layers that both obscure and reveal their sometimes complex personalities, a lot like us all. 


Each painting is signed, and comes with a certificate of authenticity directly from the artists studio.