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Lorraine TuckLorraine Tuck



I think of my paintings as personal maps that guide me through the landscape between imagination and reality, in a constant search for 'home'.  Bridging a rural present with an urban past, often looking at the places on the edge of town, once wild, now tamed by our interventions.  The paintings are often layered in the hope they will take root.

Lines as boundaries to contain spaces and line as routes to follow, are important elements in the work.  Each painting begins intuitively, considered decisions coming later.

These observations are possibly just an excuse to swim in the paint, a visceral pleasure so absorbing it can last a lifetime, a huge comfort in a world where one loses so much through ageing.  My wish is that the viewer can take for themselves a little of this pleasure in making.

The paintings are made with whatever serves my immediate purpose, acrylics, oils,inks, housepaint, pastels, lassure, plaster, paper, there is no hierarchy to their use.  Supports are chosen primrily for pragmatic reasons, mainly canvas, old linen sheets or paper.





















 A London childhood, years as an Antiques dealer, a life lived between rural France and South West England; all this goes into the mix, to make me and to make my art.